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Welcome to my new LiveJournal! I've created a new one (old one is lennongurl97) since no one ever got notifications when I updated so it was never commented on etc. I need to get my LJ'ing done. My very first LJ (mucgurl-which has long been purged) is a nice little collection of my college life that I printed out and keep. This LJ I intend to use for everything in my life, most importantly things my kids do and us as a family do. I'm a huge tv addict so you'll see a lot of that too and I make icons. So that's my little intro. BTW, you can call me Kristine!
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Puppies and sick kids

Here is a picture of our new puppy Belle who is a Yorkie Poo

She is almost 3 months old.  We are currently housetraining her.
Last night I tried to go to bed early and as always something happens.  First Kayla woke up in a night terror than after she'd gone back to sleep and I was lying in bed my son called me and next thing I know he's puking all over his bed.  Ew gross!  He was sick almost every half hour last night.  He was sick some today and stayed home from school, he's been laying around a lot and saying, "I don't feel like myself today".  LOL too cute for a 5 year old!  I'm hoping he can sleep tonight and no more puking and so seriously hoping my daughter doesn't get it.  Ugh!  Colds are better!  So heres to hoping for a peaceful night.

Updating from my new IPad

I had a nice birthday weekend. Friday our tax refund money came in like it was supposed to so that was like "Happy early Birthdate!" lol! My mil watched the kids that night and hubby and I went out. We were going to dinner then get my IPad at least. First we went to Lowe's and ordered/bought a really nice portable dishwasher. I hate doing dishes and it's the only thing i miss from the trailer. Don't want to install one and lose all that cabinet space plus too expensive but can't wait for it to come in! Those things are so not cheap!Well hubby has been talking about getting a dog so we've been looking online and so on. I had almost bought a dog at this one pet place back in my college days and wondered if it was still there. So we drive over there and there's a person dressed as a dog standing outside with a puppy sale sign! Can you believe that?! LOL! The place was obviously still there and needless to say we feel in love with a sweet female Yorkie Poo! We just had to have her so we split the cost and placed her on hold to pick up the next day. Her name is Belle because our daughter loves Belle from Beauty and the Beast and we couldn't co e up with a female name. She's almost 3 months old and is so sweet! The kids love her too. We are currently working on house training. Oy vey! Will post a pic when I'm on the computer. After we picked out the dog we ate at Chili's where I believe I had the most amazing meL I've had in a long time. Had half rack of delicious ribs with yummy loaded mashed potatoes followed by my all-time favorite dessert the molten chocolate cake. Yum, absolutely delicious! We picked up my IPad, which I love, at Walmart and bought stuff for Belle then picked up the kids and headed home. It was quite late by time we got home but I stayed up later to play with the new iPad.
Mom made me my favorite cake for my birthday Saturday, my actual birthday, and took Aidan overnight. Belle slept great that night last night she was up same time as Kayla and her coughing fit which led me to rock Kayla for an hour. Completely expecting that again tonight. *sigh*.
Didn't get up when hubby's alarm went off this morning though kept telling him I was. He even left the big light on in the room but next thing I know I hear a sound that sounds like Aidan's bus and I jump up thinking surely I have t been lying in bed that long but the clock confirms it is indeed Aidan's bus. Wait, the alarm click has to be off! Nope! So that was a fun rushed morning getting ready, kids up a d ready, dog outside for Pitt, and running Aidan to school. Kayla I didn't bother taking to preschool cause I was running too late so had mom watch her while I went to Walmart.
Damn this us a long entry to be written on an IPad! Need to get to sleep haven't gotten to friend's recent posts yet will do tomorrow, sorry about that! Lots of love,

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Took the birthday weekend off....

Took a few days off from Livejournal during my birthday weekend.  I'll be writing a new entry to tell you about my birthday and what I got tonight.  I'll also be checking up on my friend's posts that I have missed, sorry I'm behind!
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Will it ever stop?

I volunteered at Kayla's school yesterday because she had been wanting me to.  I wasn't thrilled but did it anyways.  It really sucked to be honest.  I didn't get to do anything and I felt so out of place there.  The worst part of it was the fire drill they had in the single digit weather.  The supervisor's had jackets on but the teachers, students and me had no jackets on.  It was so damn cold outside it was ridiculous.  They should have let the kids put their jackets on or not had the drill at all in that weather.  I'm absolutely disgusted they would do that to 3 and 4 year olds.  So I couldn't get warm the rest of the day.  Took a nap in bed under the heating blanket cranked up too.  I think my legs were on fire but I was still cold.  What a bad experience.
Today is only WednesdaywUgh, will I make it to Friday?  Will the tax refund come in Friday morning?  I sure hope so or there goes my whole weekend.  
I just can't take this winter anymore.  Or maybe it's my life I can't handle at times.  I just don't want to do anything.  I want to sleep, just sleep.  Every movement feels like it's so hard.  Truly this depression is getting to me again.  I feel like it's a viscous cycle.  My doctor finds a new med for me and I add it to my current meds, it works (sometimes) and I feel great then a few months later I'm back to this: trudging through the days.  The days seem so long and the nights so short.  My kids drive me nuts on little things, I'm cranky a lot and tired too.  Will it ever stop?  This horrible cycle?  I just want my life to feel good.  I want to feel good. *sigh*  /rant  
Danny is my bf

What Super Bowl?

I seriously love football.  But I'm in no way a Steelers fan even though I live in Pennsylvania.  Infact, I hate the Steelers.  My parents are big fans, most everyone around here is and it gets irritating but I've never liked the Steelers.  I was a Browns fan most of my life so when they were gone I went with Baltimore and unfortunately they didn't make it to the Super Bowl.  So I'm not excited about the Super Bowl and am only watching the end part of it because I'm in the living room and hubby is watching it.  He's also not a Steelers fan.  So here's hoping Green Bay will win!
This has been kind of a sucky weekend. I think it's the weather.  Today wasn't as bad.  My son had stayed with my mom last night so it was me, hubby, and Kayla.  I slept in then weighed myself, I am down 2 lbs!  Yay! And then we went to IHOP where I had all-you-can-eat pancakes, yum!  After IHOP we took Kayla to Toys R Us to use her $25 gift card from her birthday.  She had fun picking what she wanted.  She got a princess instrument/band set and a princess necklace/earrings/and bracelet set.  Too cute!
The rest of my day was spent doing laundry, welcoming Aidan back and listening to both of the kids make too much noise with the aforementioned instruments.  Joe made dinner: spaghetti but left me with tons of dishes.  I'm buying a portable dishwasher as soon as that tax refund comes in, I just can't take these damn dishes with my OCD.  I got on the elliptical again tonight.  Did 15 minutes last night and did 20 tonight.  I'm proud of myself.  If I could just do at least 15 a day for 6 days a week I think I'll be losing some more weight here.  I really need to!
I'm volunteering at Kayla's school on Tuesday (if the weather cooperates) which should be interesting.  I'm not real good with kids that aren't my own, lol!
Till tomorrow friends!
Things to do today

Lousy Day

Woke up feeling cranky and depressed.  Not a good start to a day and it hasn't gotten any better.  Don't want to do anything and just want to sleep.  My mom came and picked up my son to take him for a haircut and then he is staying at her house tonight.  Now my daughter wants to go over to play for a bit but not sure if mom will do that.  I just want to go lay down and hope to wake up feeling better!
McGarret & Williams

Yay the week's finally over!

What a long week!  It went so damn slow, hope next week doesn't go as slow.  We are supposed to get our tax refund in on the 11th.  The day before I turn 32 so that will be a nice birthday gift!  Joe and I are going to go out that night for dinner for my birthday and hopefully the tax refund will have come in so I can buy my Ipad that night.  I'm excited to get it.
Today wasn't a bad day.  Thankfully the sun has been out the past two days too bad it's going back to snowing tomorrow. 
Watched Machete with Joe tonight.  Not a bad movie, rather gorey and kind of dumb but not bad.  Hope to watch Red tomorrow or next weekend.
Off to bed with me; goodnight!
Speed not funny

A Better Day

Today was a much better day, thankfully! The freezing rain ended up unfreezing and the ice started thawing this morning because it was 47 degrees at 6am! Both kids had school (thankfully) and the car was almost unfrozen other than the windshield that needed some scraping. Phew! Kayla cried again when I dropped her off at preschool. :-( But of course was fine when I picked her up (in near white out conditions by this time and majorly gusting winds). Aidan got his report card today and has improved in almost everything he hadn't done well on. He didn't go down in anything which is great!
Grabbed a burger and fries at Wendy's on my way to get Kayla. Went through the drive-thru then stopped to eat and dropped the top part of my bun on the floor. Ew! I wanted it so bad too! I took one bite then I couldn't eat it anymore so went to McDonalds across the street and got a double, lol! On the other hand can I just say how much I love Wendy's new natural sea salt fries? Taste like fair fries, yum!
Got on the elliptical today for 11 minutes which isn't bad considering I haven't been on in about three weeks or so. I need to keep it up and go longer and lose this weight! I cannot wait until spring so I can go outside for a walk, that's when I'll actually lose it as long as I do the walking and watch what I eat. Two years ago I lost 27 lbs. by just walking for three months. I would love to do that again since I've since gained it all back and a few pounds more. Ugh! So hurry up and end winter!!!
I might have the friend's update thing fixed now and show up on your friend's page, let me know if I do. Thanks to some help from sircaliban

Side note: tomorrow is only Thursday? It's been a slow week. Yay for a new Grey's Anatomy!
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This Weather Sucks

The two hour delay for my son turned into a cancellation which I almost missed because our phone's battery died. I luckily checked my cell phone and got the message on there, I would've been pissed and embarrassed had I got him ready for school and he didn't have it! We had freezing rain over night and it just started again. Expecting 2 hour delay tomorrow if not a cancellation. I don't know how I'll make it. I'm bored and the kids are fighting, making a mess and just driving me crazy. I'm hoping the weather knocks it the hell off and spring comes early. Maybe I'll get lucky and Aidan will just have a two hour delay tomorrow? One can hope!
I'm trying to decide what to do with my tax refund. I am thinking of getting an Ipad yet I know nothing about them. I guess I should research them. It looks more convenient than my laptop at times like in bed and so on. I also like the idea I can download books and read on it. Does anyone have one? I want a vacation too, trying to think of something to do now to get the hell away but with this winter storm and how it's affecting so many states it might not be possible. Was thinking Niagra Falls in March. Not sure what I have to do to get a passport though and if it's worth it. I've been to Niagra Falls before but it wasn't with hubby. I enjoyed it and would like to do it again.
It's frozen pizza night cause I'm not doing dishes and I don't feel like cooking yet I'm bored. Go figure! I just don't want to do anything. Ever get like that? Oy vey!

10 Things Meme borrowed from cindylou07

10 Secrets

-I have weird dreams about my car's brakes failing. They happen often.
-Sometimes having no kids at home is the perfect thing.
-I started watching CSI Las Vegas first and hated Miami until a few years ago when I fell in love with Ryan Wolfe and Horatio's one-liners, now with Speed.
-I'm desperately afraid of tornadoes after living in a mobile home most of my life with no shelter. Now that I have a house with a basement I secretly like severe weather but still don't want tornadoes!
-Someone I love is in prison.
-I miss college at Mount Union more than anything and wish I could go back and do it again.
-I have OCD, a generalized anxiety disorder, and clinical depression.
-I take medications for the above.
-I once had an instant message relationship with a friend but pretended to be someone else (because he didn't like me). (back in college)
-My hear breaks a little everytime I see or hear a marching band. I miss those days.

09 Loves

-my kids
-my purple laptop
-Rory Cochrane
-Scott Caan
-my hubby ;-)

08 Fears

-becoming fat
-being alone
-losing one of my family
-letting my depression get to me
-having another anaphylactic reaction to something

07 Wants

-to be happy
-for my kids to be happy
-to have enough money to live well
-a car for me
-to lose the weight I've put back on
-an above ground pool in my backyard
-my bathroom remodeled

06 Places You Want To Go

-London, England
-Paris, France
-Japan (to visit my college friends!)
-back to Virginia
-back to Washington DC

05 TV Shows

-CSI: Miami
-Hawaii Five-0
-Grey's Anatomy
-The Vampire Diaries

04 Books

-all the SPQR books
-The Historian
-The Thirteenth Tale

03 Films

-The Departed
-The Money Pit
-That Thing You Do!

02 Songs

-This I Promise You-NSYNC
-I Saw Her Standing There-The Beatles

01 Picture
Me and my kids Aidan and Kayla, at Kayla's school holiday dance